Team Spotlight: Perceive Inc.

Perceive uses cutting-edge deep learning and computer vision to create movie clips of the most notable store visits. Their technology is able to discern the key events in a visit, from the greeting to the first interaction to the checkout. Anonymized video data is streamed from store to cloud, enabling rapid analysis and low-cost storage. Teachable moments are delivered to associates via a mobile app. Managers can see those in addition to much more data in a web app.

Impact of I-Corps

The I-Corps program helped Dr. Lu’s research team identify the needs of potential customers and the gaps between commercial products and proof-of-concept prototypes for research. Perceive is the first startup spun off from Dr. Lu’s research team.

University Affiliation: Purdue University



From left to right: Kyle McNulty, Dr. Yung-Hsiang Lu, PhD, Everett Berry, Andrew Bledje

Aug 2013 Undergraduate Everett Berry (Now CEO) joined the research team
Apr 2014 Won Schurz Innovation Challenge Second Prize
May 2014 Undergraduate Kyle McNulty (Now Chief Product Officer) joined the research team
Sept 2014 Participated in Morgan Business Plan Competition
Oct 2014 Undergraduate Andrew Blejde (Now Business Advisor) joined the research team
Apr 2015 NSF I-Corps
Sept 2015 Perceive Inc. Company Formed
Jun 2016 NSF SBIR Phase I Awarded ($225,000)
Sept 2017 NSF SBIR Phase II Awarded ($750,000)