Platform Technology Assessment Workshops are designed to help innovators with early-stage innovations or technologies determine which commercial market to investigate first in their journey towards commercialization.

Benefits of the Program

Do you have an early-stage technology that could be developed for multiple market applications? Are you passionate about commercializing this technology but not sure where to begin or how to achieve your ‘moonshot’ vision?

If you answered yes to the above questions, the Platform Technology Assessment Workshop will help you (1) identify a lower risk path to high impact commercial innovation, (2) improve your chances of winning commercialization grants to advance your technology, and (3) inform your use-inspired research for years to come. With the help and advice of experienced commercial innovators, technology transfer experts, and instructors, you will:

  • Refine and validate your understanding of the unique, differentiating capabilities of your technology.
  • Identify real-world problems your technology has the potential to solve better than available alternatives as well as potential application opportunities where these problems need solving.
  • Systematically assess and prioritize the feasibility of potential application opportunities based on level of uncertainty, risk, and market potential.
  • Identify a beachhead opportunity–a lower risk initial application to inform further development of your technology and enable subsequent, higher impact applications.

Upon completion of the workshop, you will have identified a logical starting point for your commercialization journey as well as a longer-term roadmap of innovation opportunities to guide your research and strengthen your case for commercialization funding.


The registration process begins with an application submission to the program of the individual’s choosing. In the days after applying, participants will be contacted by a member of the Great Lakes Regional I-Corps Hub team with additional details regarding next steps.