Building A Business 101 Series

Building A Business Case

To build a business case, you need to create something in which customers are willing to pay you more than it costs to deliver the product or service.

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Ecosystem Mapping

Rarely is making a sale as simple as a one-to-one transaction. You must understand the entire ecosystem of stakeholders and talk to them all, including decision makers, economic buyers, saboteurs, influencers, and end users.

Customer Discovery Basics

Customer discovery in the simplest terms is asking your industry ecosystem questions to see where opportunities lie, uncover potential issues, and hone your business case. You are not just looking for facts, but insight.

Entrepreneurial Basics Series

Recipe for Forming a Legal Entity

U-M Clinical Professor of Law, Dana Thompson, explains the types of legal entities that can be created and their pros and cons.

Free Money and Grants

Austin Dean from BBCetc explains the various sources of “free” money and grants that can help you as you start raising capital for your venture.

Employee and Founder Ownership

Aaron Crumm, Entrepreneur-in-Residence at U-M, walks through the basics of equity and ownership issues in startups.

Equity and Investor Funding

Patti Glaza, Managing Director of Invest Detroit, gives advice to entrepreneurs on the types of capital they can choose to raise and how to ensure they’re ready to raise it.

Legal Issues

Joseph Morrison, Senior Associate at Bodman Law, describes how to build your team of trusted advisors and what to look for when selecting an attorney.

Early Customers and Partnerships

U-M Economic Growth Institute President, Paula Sorrell, explains how to interact with your early customers and partners and provides tips on avoiding common mistakes.

Human Resources Basics

Amy Cell, President & Chief Matchmaker at Amy Cell Talent, describes what to consider as you’re growing your venture including mentors, non-disclosure agreements, and building culture.

Banking Basics for Startups

Michael Cole, President of the Technology Industry Group at the Bank of Ann Arbor, explains the types of business banking loans and the criteria used to make decisions on those loans.

Insurance and Your First Office

Stew Nelson, Account Executive at Kapnick Insurance, provides advice to entrepreneurs on how to choose an insurance provider as well as the different types of insurance to be aware of.

How to Choose Your Minimum Viable Product

Managing Director of Michigan eLab, Doug Neal, describes how to develop your MVP to meet early customer needs and the importance of finding early adopters.